About Us

At Fish Paradise (Nature Creator), our mission has always been the same: . Started in 2008 by the passion and love towards these colorful pets which bring joy and happiness to all, our clients trust us to offer the best Freshwater, Salt & Marine water fish’s and dry products in the Bangalore, Whitefield area and beyond. Our team is the most, experienced and trustworthy in the business.

All the best in product

Our business specializes in the very best Freshwater, Salt & Marine water fish, fish foods and medication, Conure, Guinea pigs and Rabbits you can find. Our commitment to the highest level of quality is the cornerstone of our company. We pride ourselves on a history of being the finest in providing the quality and healthy product.

How we do it

We've built our business on a simple model: provide our clients with top quality, but not the usual high price tag; let our clients refer us to others; and maintain a network of people who know us and keep coming back. That's why we don't need to charge that extra ten percent. It's a model that's worked for us since the beginning, and we're glad to pass on the benefits to you.

The future of Fish Paradise (Nature Creator)

We're dedicated to continuing our reputation for quality and superior service. It's our top priority to be universally known as the highest quality. We encourage you to look around the site and learn more about what makes us the best and visit us.