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FD-O Nip

Attaching tablets with delicacies sera O-nip consists of compressed flakes and freeze dried whole or..



Flakes for freshwater fish with additional delicacies These special flakes contain a large amount of..


KW Aim Blood Worm Fish Food 15 grams

The blood worms was processed by a new freeze drying technique that preserves the excellen..



Quickly sinking tablet with Plankton for freshwater and marine fish as well as Invertebrates.Plankto..


Sera Flora

Green flakes with plenty of Spirulina Staple food for mainly herbivorous fish, such as live-bearing ..


Sera San

Color enhancing premium flakes due to its balanced protein level, this premium flake food by Sera al..


Sera Vipagran Baby

Micro flakes for the little ones in a community aquarium. Sera vipan baby with the special compositi..


Sera Vipan

The classic – Flake food for ornamental fish in community aquariums.Sera vipan is the ideal staple f..